Cast Wines in the Enchanting Dry Creek Valley Will Leave You Spellbound

Blink and you might drive past the sign for Cast Wines on the right side of Dry Creek Road in Geyserville, California - But you don't want to miss out on this magical destination for delicious Zinfandel and spectacular vineyard views.

Cast Wines is a boutique winery located on the northern end of Dry Creek Valley, just outside Healdsburg and into Geyserville - Their vineyards have long been a favorite of bicyclists and wine tasters venturing off the beaten path to discover something new.

As a Dry Creek Valley resident, I've always been a fan of Cast Wines, but when founders and owners, Jack and Ann Seifrick, were kind enough to invite me out for a private tour and tasting, I jumped on the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes peek at their winery.

As the story goes, Jack stopped into the much-loved Zichichi Winery to taste wine while on a bike ride with a friend through Dry Creek Valley when he came to the realization that it would be fun to start a winery. The winemaker at Zichichi pointed out that a property up the road had been for sale for quite some time, although it was in need of a bit of TLC, and recommended that Jack check it out.

Upon discovering the property, Jack said it simply cast a spell on him. However, he wanted to be sure that he found the perfect place. That was the first vineyard Jack looked at and he explored close to fifty other locations, before finally circling back to that very first property he visited and purchasing it. Turns out, that was the right decision, as the initial place that so overwhelmingly cast a spell on him became the birthplace of Cast Wines.

Jack's wife, Ann, didn't think he was entirely serious about starting a winery. However, he came back with an indisputable plan of action six months after finding the property and two years later, Cast received their permits, built the winery and tasting room, and opened on May 31st, 2014.

Cast Wines thrives due to the collective and heartfelt efforts of the Seifrick's friends and family - As a small winery, everyone pitches in. All of Ann's siblings are involved and many pour wine at winery events, such as Wine Road's Barrel Tasting.

Cast Wines' first vintage was in 2012, before the winery even opened - They make a mere 3,600 cases, which makes them super small production winery, and they're focused on creating crowd-pleasing wines to enjoy with friends and family. Cast produces several varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Sirah, but their absolute specialty is Zinfandel and my favorite here for years has been the Grey Palm Zinfandel.

Throughout its lifespan, Cast has maintained the same winemaker - Mike Gulyash, formerly of Jordan Winery and BR Cohn Winery, who brings a wealth of experience in handcrafting high end, small production wines. Ann calls him the "calming force" around the winery because as anyone in the wine industry knows, things don't always go as planned!

For the past five years, Cast Wines has hosted wine tastings in their intimate, hilltop tasting room. However, in April 2019, Cast plans to officially open their brand new space, complete with wine cave, larger tasting room, and private tasting areas. Although still in construction mode, I was so excited to have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new spot to sample their wines.

I'm always down for a good wine country picnic and Cast makes for a stunning place to picnic, while taking in the gorgeous views of Dry Creek Valley. They have cheese and charcuterie boards on hand, or you can stop into the famous Dry Creek General Store on your way for sandwiches and snacks!

If you haven't been to Cast Wines recently, be sure to visit when they open their new tasting room in April 2019 and tell them Sonoma Grape Girl sent you!


Stephanie Hopkins Photography

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