How to Saber a Bottle of Sparkling Wine with a Butter Knife

Sabering a bottle of sparkling wine is one of my all-time favorite party tricks and you don't even need a fancy saber to do it.

A simple butter knife will work just the same, making it super fun and easy! Here's how you do it in six simple steps:

Step 1: Chill a bottle of sparkling wine

The bottle will need to be completely chilled - If the sparkling wine is warm, it won't work.

Step 2: Remove the foil

Take your time to make sure you've taken all of the foil off of the bottle.

Step 3: Take the cage off

Everyone is always impressed when the top of the bottle comes flying off, so don't forget to take the cage off, which allows it to separate from the rest of the bottle.

Step 4: Find the seam

Every sparkling wine bottle has a vertical seam in the glass and where that seam meets the lip is a weak spot. This weak spot is what makes sabering possible!

Step 5: Identify the blunt edge of the knife

You'd think you'd need to use the sharp end of knife, since you're technically breaking glass. However, you actually want to use the blunt edge of the knife.

Step 6: Slide knife along seam

Tilt the bottle upwards and hold in your hand like so. Slide the knife along the seam with an "up and through" motion, without pausing at the lip.

And voila, you have a perfectly sabered bottle of sparkling wine! Tag @sonoma_grape_girl in your videos and photos, so I can see you saber your own!


Stephanie Hopkins Photography


2012 Domaine Carneros Estate Brut Cuvée Sparkling

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