Keep Your Rosé Chilled on Hot Summer Days with Rosé Ice Cubes

Don't put ice cubes made from regular ol' water in your wine! Check out this tutorial for how to make the cutest rose-shaped rosé ice cubes to keep your rosé perfectly chilled all summer long.

Making ice cubes from rosé will actually make your wine taste better than using ice cubes made from water. Water affects the pH level of the wine, which lowers acidity, and maintaining bright acidity is an important component of all delicious rosés. I found the most adorable ice tray mold in the shape of roses, which is the perfect touch for making rosé ice cubes!

Make sure you have a flat surface to place the ice tray on and use a paper towel to clean up around the edges if you spilled a little. Pouring wine into an ice tray is harder than it looks! I suggest drinking a glass first, so the bottle is less full while you pour ;)

I placed the tray on a plate afterwards to prevent any additional spills on the trip to the freezer and let it freeze for about 3 hours while I watched the Bachelorette finale with my bestie. However, the longer you leave the tray in the freezer, the better - Letting it sit overnight would be ideal to really let the ice cubes set.

I used the 2017 Balletto Rosé of Pinot Noir to make these ice cubes because it's a great option that's not too expensive and I could easily find it at the local grocery store here in Healdsburg. Most of the rosés I drink are made from Pinot Noir, so I wanted to keep the varietal the same for the ice cubes. You can make ice cubes from any type of wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc - Just keep it the same as whatever you are drinking.

The finished product turned out so cute and I absolutely love the rose-shaped cubes! I picked up the tray I used at Sur La Table, but it has sold out since then. You can find a similar one on Amazon here.

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